The natural process of aging, wind and sun exposure can take a toll on the exposed skin of your face, leaving it blotchy, lined, tired looking and wrinkled. There is good news though, Dr. David Hayes, a leading cosmetic surgeon in the Missoula area, understands the underlying causes of facial skin aging, as well as how to push back against the march of time.

While relaxing, facials performed at Montana Center for Facial Plastic Surgery are designed to treat your skin condition from acne, to dry and dull skin, to fine lines and wrinkles.

Good skin care can dramatically reduce the tell-tale signs of facial aging. As part of a comprehensive skin care regime, the Montana Center for Facial Plastic Surgery offers non-invasive, customized, medical-grade facials, thoughtfully designed for your specific facial needs. Each facial involves cleansing the face, steam, exfoliation, a shoulder and hand massage, and then a customized medical grade treatment depending on the needs of your skin. Most patients find that they benefit most from receiving a facial every 6-8 weeks.

Consultation Facial – 60 minutes

This facial is a good starting point for all clinical facials to help the clinician learn about your skin and to check for skin sensitivities. It will leave your skin bright and hydrated.

Basic Environ Facial – 60 minutes

This clinical facial treats dry and dull skin in need of exfoliation. It uses a light chemical peel and customized treatment products that are infused into the skin with our Ionzyme machine using sonophoresis and Iontophoresis.

Basic Environ Facial Plus – 75 minutes

This custom facial is an anti-aging facial, gentle enough for all skin types. It targets fine lines, breakouts and dryness. It includes a deep treatment mask and a light peel as well as treatment gels infused with the Ionzyme machine

Environ Deluxe Facial – 90 minutes

This, truly unique, revolutionary facial technology has been clinically shown to address issues such as fine wrinkling, acne, enlarged pores, as well as improving the overall texture and softness of skin. Designed to be used as a series of treatments, even one can make a noticeable improvement in the appearance of your skin.

Environ Deluxe Facial treatments employ an ultra-modern machine known as IONZYME, which is designed to improve the penetration of specific vitamin molecules into the skin. IONZME relies on a combination of iontophoresis (safe pulses of low electrical currents) and sonophoresis (directed sound waves) to rejuvenate and renew the appearance and feel of your skin.

Popular among Hollywood elites, this facial treatment system helps vitamins penetrate as much as 4000 times deeper than with topical application. We are proud to offer this advanced treatment to our valued patients. Montana Center for Facial Plastic Surgery is the only provider of Environ Facial in the Pacific Northwest.

To find out more about advanced facial treatments, call (406) 541-7546 today to schedule a personalized consultation, or contact us online. At Montana Center for Facial Plastic Surgery, we are changing lives for the better, one face at a time. 

Montana Center for Facial Plastic Surgery - Dr. David Hayes - Plastic Surgeon in Missoula, MT

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“Dear Dr. Hayes, Thanks to you and your staff for the great care and kindness during all pre- and post-op appointments for my surgery. To you specifically, thanks for another surgery that went very well and I felt I was taken care of by THE BEST!”  
D.G. – Rhinoplasty (nose surgery ) patient